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    Complete self-defense method





Master Dimitris Ifantidis was born in Thessaloniki, in 1960.He started to practice in Martial arts, at 1974, with Judo, where he existed as a champion for three years (1978, 1979, 1980) and at the same time he was a member of the National Greek Team .At the same time he started to practice Taekwondo ITF.

He has official certificate as a Trainer from the National Sports Council, he has been a referee and member of the National Greek Demonstration Taekwondo Team from 1998 until today. He has been trained in Seoul of South Korea, at techniques of hapkido, self-protection and self-defense. He has been a Deputy Teacher of self-defense, at the year 2006, at the school of Officers of Greek Police. He taught hapkido at the year 2010 at Federation of Iran. He has been watching seminars and he has taken part in demonstrations in Australia, Korea, Panama, England, and France and of course Greece.

Today he has 7 Dan at HAPKIDO, 7 Dan at TAEKWONDO, 3 Dan at KUMDO, 3 Dan at JUDO and he has been teaching Korean Martial Arts from 2001 until today , at Athletic Club “Kassandros” in the city of Thessaloniki. He is a representative in Duk Moo Hapkido and Kumdo in GREECE.

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